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My name is Meagan DeMenna. I am a wife, a mother of a two-year-old boy, a freelance writer, and a fourth generation Arizonan.

While studying at Arizona State University I interned for 944 Magazine where I wrote reviews on local artists, restaurants, and special features. I then interned for Item Magazine where I continued my career in beauty and product reviews, interviews, and editing. After spending my last semester in Cambridge University, I graduated Arizona State University with my Bachelors in English Literature in 2007.

For just under five years I edited and contributed to three international art magazines: American Fine Art Magazine, American Art Collector, and Western Art Collector. During that time I wrote for several local and national websites, edited two novels and a short story.

Things I care a great deal for: family, friends, food, unexpected beauty, and the all around unexpected.

Never ask me to: kill a cockroach, drive patiently, catch or throw (just about anything), or operate on an empty stomach.
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