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Freelance writer and editor who consistently writes content that ranks organically in search results.
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Lakeland Community College, Associate of Liberal Arts
Ohiopyle, PA, USA|English

Published Content

How to Build a Potato Box for Almost Free
December, 7 2018
The 17 Best Adventure Movies for Preppers
December, 20 2018
The a to Z Guide to Prepping for an Economic Collapse
December, 18 2018
10 Mandatory Preps Regardless of How SHTF
December, 22 2018
16 Critters to Watch Out For In The Wilderness
November, 9 2018
How to Find a Loved One Who’s Missing
November, 16 2018
How to Stockpile and Store Water
November, 19 2018
14 Off-Grid Christmas Gifts for Your Loved Ones
November, 30 2018
12 Excellent Urban Survival Books

Client commissioned list article on Urban Survival Books. Client provided title and added images to finished content.

October, 17 2018
Is Keeping Chickens in My Backyard Feasible?

Client commissioned article on feasibility of backyard chickens. Client provided title and added images to finished content.

August, 6 2018
Which are More Important Doomsday or Everyday Emergencies
July, 13 2018
45 Survival Uses for the Humble Tarp

Client commissioned list article on survival uses for tarps. Client provided images for finished content.

July, 4 2018
19 Survival Uses for Water besides Drinking
July, 2 2018
35 Survival Uses for T-Shirts
July, 6 2018
Blog Post
How to Find and Equip Your Prepper Hideout Bug Out Location

Client commissioned article on how to find and equip your prepper bug out location. Client provide images

June, 30 2018
8 Ways to Get Around After an EMP
June, 26 2018
23 Ways to Prevent Bug Bites in the Wild
June, 27 2018
10 Ways to Use Cardboard for Survival
June, 17 2018
How to Stay Dry When Hiking or Bugging Out
June, 15 2018
50 Survival Products 100% Made in the USA
June, 14 2018
Harnessing the Sun on Your Survival Homestead
July, 20 2018
Post-SHTF Issue: Which Food to Consume First?
May, 8 2018
Tell Me No More Lies – P.S. I Love You
April, 1 2018
How to Minimize the Noise Generators and Other Appliances Make
April, 25 2018
Where to Find Supplies Post-Collapse
December, 24 2017
Here’s What Will Happen After a Catastrophe (and a List of The First Ten Actions You Should Take)
January, 19 2017
17 Uses for Vicks VapoRub
May, 1 2018
15 Things Game of Thrones Teaches Us About Prepping
August, 6 2017
Fish Antibiotics for Survival and How to Store Them
April, 14 2018
Why Living in a Tiny House Could Be Part of Your Survival Planning and How to Join the Tiny Home Movement
May, 2 2016
Making Fire Using the Bow-Drill Method
February, 2 2016
Gas Versus Propane – Which Generator is Better?
March, 12 2017
How to Make a Survival War Plan
April, 11 2016
Doomsday Prepping: What You Need to Know
June, 23 2016
10 Places to Find Water in the City Post-SHTF
March, 25 2018
How to Prepare for Hail and Prevent Hail Damage
April, 25 2016
Making Your Own Airsoft Gun
June, 16 2016
17 Survival Uses for Safety Pins
April, 1 2018
How to Choose the Best Bug-Out Motorcycle
September, 29 2016
Making a DIY Outhouse
May, 10 2016
20 Recent Critical Events That You Can Tell Others About to Get Them to Prep
August, 4 2016
How to Make Your Garden Portable
November, 2 2016
6 Essential Oil Uses for Survival
December, 14 2016
How to Survive a Personal Assault
May, 31 2016
Essential Oils 101
November, 28 2016
Preppers on the Run-Chapter 6: Not What It Seems
July, 17 2017
Short, Medium, and Long-Term Goals for Preppers
January, 26 2017
Introduction to Homesteading
June, 15 2016
How to Make Pemmican
December, 27 2015
50 Benefits of Epsom Salt from a Prepper’s Perspective
February, 15 2017
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