Meghan O'Toole

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter

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Before I transferred to Elmhurst College to study writing, I was a geothermal engineering major. However, as I continued through my first semesters of school, I realized my true strength and focus lies in writing, so I channeled my passion for learning in an English degree. Writing allows me to construct stories, organize ideas, and cultivate wonder. I graduated from Elmhurst College in May, 2017, and since then I have cultivated my passion for writing, branding, and independent work. I am an award-winning writer who understands the human condition--what we need, what we strive for, and what impacts us.

My strategy combines emotionally-impactful imagery with tactful word choice in order to draw your clients in to your brand's story. I have a versatile, clear voice and a distinct, adaptable style to suit your needs.

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Blog Post, Script, Social Copy, Website Copy
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Elmhurst College, B.A. in English
Chicago, IL, USA|English

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