Mehek Kapur

Editor, Ghostwriter, Writer

I'm a high school senior and an intern with Youngzine Online Magazine looking to expand my writing/editing experience.

I've always held an interest in writing. My sophomore year, I wrote for my school's newspaper, and for the last year or so, I've been writing for Youngzine Online Magazine. I plan to pursue a Bachelors Degree in English and Psychology and I'd like to explore the world of freelancing and creating content to help me get a sense of what my future career path might be like. I'm not the most experienced or developed writer out there, but I bring a lot of drive and a strong willingness to learn as I go and explore new things.
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Lynbrook High School, High School Diploma In Progress
De Anza College, No Degree- Dual Enrollment Credits
California, PA, USA|English

Published Content

Should Boy Scouts Include Girls?

This is one of my earliest works with Youngzine- I really liked it because it sparked an interesting discussion in the comments, which was very rewarding.

October, 18 2017
Russia Out Of 2018 Winter Olympics

This is one of my favorite works from Youngzine- it took a lot of work and research to be able to educate myself and many young kids on such a controversial topic.

January, 15 2018
The 2018 Winter Olympics Begin!

This is one of my favorite articles I did for Youngzine- it was a really fun light piece.

February, 12 2018
A Hero Who Saved 600 Jewish Children

More work from Youngzine.

April, 24 2018
A Historic Meeting In South Korea

Another sample of my work with Youngzine.

April, 30 2018
The Iconic Beetle Is No More

This is my most recent article with Youngzine.

September, 26 2018
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