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Content Strategist, Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Photographer

A little bit techy, a whole lotta fun.

With a knack for taking complicated procedures and transforming them into something any idiot can understand, I have somehow managed to decrease employee turnover rates for fortune 2000 companies. Side effects of my re-wiring processes include decreased training time and increased customer satisfaction with more efficient delivery and clarity. Customer service and soft skills are notoriously difficult to instill in employees, yet I seem to do this very thing with ease as it's so natural for me. A leadership coach with a deep understanding of technical development, I have been recognized as the epitome of shifting tech into a more combined mix of ITIL and DevOps. My experiences have infused within me a blend of perspectives from end user to shareholders. Because of this unique mix, I find myself (in any position) acting as a catalyst for change and growth.

My past experiences include professional photography, graphic arts and marketing. When I found myself in a service desk bootcamp I began to understand how valuable my understanding of technology mixed with my previous coaching and tutorials in photography and entrepreneurship was. I excelled at my new position within a help desk environment, authored training, developed a knowledgebase and self-correcting system of improvement for my team. I became a Team Lead, a Subject Matter Expert and Tech Support Specialist all within the space of a single year!
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Moberly Area Community College, AAS Marketing / Management
Moberly Area Community College, AA Graphic Arts
Moberly, MO, USA|English

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Because this is a newborn photography prop, the description needed to be on target for newborn photographers.

October 1st, 2018
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Starbque judging slips.pdf

This was a super quick creative project to create small slips for judging a company barbecue. An annual occurrence, this is a big shindig for all of the company employees. Since the company is also a pellet grill dealer, they take a lot of pride in using their products. Adding the little touches makes it all the more special.

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Knowledgebase – Content Strategy Guide

Within my role as a Team Lead, one of the challenges I faced was creating a lightweight knowledge database that would more efficiently deliver information to my team. The solution, I found, was in Microsoft OneNote. With a live search feature and many options for customization it delivered multiple team members access on demand. Because everyone could edit and share information at such speeds, this solved issues with agent frustration, customer satisfaction improved and newly added team members were up to speed very quickly. What you see here is one page from the notebook - a simple guide, or tutorial for opening the notebook so that each person that opened it could do so with all of the added functionality of the desktop (standalone) app. We discovered this format worked well for anything from basic password reset instructions to more advanced, multi-step processes. This increased agent confidence overall.

May 21st, 2017
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