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Helping my clients elevate to new heights within there business and careers.

My name is Melchisedech, and from a young age I have always been more intrigued about having success or having that feeling of being fulfilled more than my peers around me. I started my journey early on trying to accomplish something and make something out of myself and now that I have found success as a graduate from Columbia University with a B.S. in Business Management with a Finance emphasis as well an MBA I later became a full time currency/ analysts, Real estate investor and Trader and I now have a another passion. My passion is sharing my knowledge as a columnists to show what it takes to achieve success and guiding companies or the individual towards that goal, and through my experiences as well as my knowledge in the industry people will learn the details of what to avoid, be able to think rationally in times that are critical and learn how to become more innovative especially at times like these when competition is at it's Highest.
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Columbia University , B.S. Business Management
Columbia Business School, MBA
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