Melissa Cooper

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An upbeat and enthusiastic writer who loves digging into tech, auditing, staffing, healthy living and real estate topics.

Melissa Cooper is a writer born, raised and based in Columbus, Ohio, home of the Ohio State Buckeyes. This CBus writer has watched the city change before her eyes over the past several decades, thanks to a diverse range of industries and people. She loves her hometown that continually brims with dining, entertainment, cultural, educational and occupational opportunities.

Melissa finds inspiration in healthy living, which includes running or some other daily exercise and a nutritious diet. She also spends plenty of time reading and researching to spark ideas for her own writing and to find new opportunities to write or edit for a new client.

She began her writing career as a generalist, but over time she has narrowed her passion and expertise to tech topics. Whether writing about consumer tech products, the latest in security products and regulations or systems auditing, Melissa relishes digging into the world of technology. However, she stays sharp in the world of general writing, as well, so always make sure to ask about topics like real estate, education, fitness and nutrition, and much more.
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Blog Post, Article, Ebook, Explainer Video, Infographic Copy, Press Release, Product Description, Whitepaper, Website Copy, Narrative Video, Case Study, Ad/Promotional Copy
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Ohio State University, Bachelors in English
Columbus, OH, USA|Languages

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