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Melissa Niemann

If your goal in life is to inspire people and to change lives, Melissa is the perfect writer for your project. She believes whatever we create in this life (books/art/products/opportunities/etc.) is only worth creating if it can inspire others and change their lives.

She can write your articles, blog posts, e-books, and guides. She prefers to write in the health & wellness and HR/Personnel Development niches.

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Article, Blog Post, Ebook, Guide
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University of South Africa, Bachelor's Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Cape Town, South Africa|Afrikaans, English

Published Content


An informative article exploring the health benefits of pears

August, 20 2018
Blog Post
What Does Alkaline Mean? The Absolute Best Answer

A concise and super informative blog post that explores what "alkaline" means.

August, 6 2018
PDF upload
5-Minute Guide For Busy People - Stress Leads to Depression.pdf

A guide on how stress leads to depression and how to build resilience for busy people. The guide contains important aspects from the original article (
Stress Leads to Depression. How To be Happy Instead.

This article explores how stress leads to depression and how to build resilience.

December, 14 2017
Blog Post
Benefits of Alkaline Fruits You Need to Know About, NOW

This article about the benefits of alkaline fruits generated over 1000 social shares.

June, 20 2018
PDF upload
Metabole Wellness - Alkaline Fruits Quick Reference Guide.pdf

I created this short guide for a 3000+ word blog post about the benefits of alkaline fruits. ( The guide is being used as a lead generation tool on the blog post for people who don't have the time to read the full article.

June, 27 2018
Blog Post
Stress Management: Best Techniques to Relax your Body & Mind

An informative blog post about effective stress management techniques.

May, 11 2018
Blog Post
Healthy People Know About These Vitamin C Benefits – Do You?

An informative blog post/article about vitamin C benefits.

May, 3 2018
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