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I help writers, businesses, and educators find their voice, tell their stories, and reach big audiences.

Whether you’re hoping to boost your online presence and client base, publish your book, sell your product, improve your craft, or share your expertise, I create content that is authentically yours. No recycled ideas. No click-bait.

If you’re looking for well-told stories, in-depth research, creative approaches, clear ideas, persuasive arguments, polished prose, and an advocate for your passion, I would love to work with you.

Your readers are hungry for ideas to engage their minds, activate their emotions, and inspire action, so let’s create something that connects, explores, helps, challenges, stretches, and travels far.

I am a writer, editor, researcher, and document designer with 15 years of professional experience, a BA in English and an MA in Creative Writing. I have created eBooks, curriculum guides, training manuals, white papers, case studies, proposals, and infographics. And I have edited novels, essays, academic monographs, memoirs, and poetry collections.

My own publications include 2 collections of poetry. EACH CRUMBLING HOUSE won the 2010 Perugia Press Book Prize. and THE DEAD IN DAYLIGHT (Cooper Dillon Books, 2016) was a finalist for the Jacar Press Julie Suk Award. I am also the author of memoir and craft essays, articles, and curriculum guides.

In 14 years as an English instructor and ESL tutor, I have designed curriculum for Business Writing, Technical Writing, Composition, Developmental Writing, Creative Writing and Literature for K-12, college, and adult learners.
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Article, Ebook, Guide, Infographic, Page Layout, Presentation, Website Copy, Whitepaper, Case Study, Interview, Landing Page
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University of California, Berkeley, Bachelor's Degree in English
University of New Mexico, Master's Degree in English
St. Louis, MO|English


Readings for a New Semester (Part 3 of 3) or, Links Roundup
September, 23 2016
7 Ways to Build Communication Soft Skill Training Into Any Assignment
April, 4 2018
Literacy x 3: Traditional, Media, and Digital Literacies for Today's Learner

Researched article on how to teach digital and media literacy to 21st century learners, published on Schoology Exchange.

March, 14 2018
Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson (2014)
December, 9 2015
How Rhetorical Writing Assignments Prepare Students for Their Futures

Article on Schoology Exchange about teaching and practicing Rhetoric to prepare students for academic and career writing.

February, 14 2018
PDF upload

Sample Before-and-After of my revision, edits, and re-organization of a client's existing article on hurricane insurance.
College's trustees add a stinging insult to layoffs

Guest column in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch refuting administrative claims and calling for leadership change at St. Louis Community College.

December, 23 2017
Return community college to an institution that builds our city's future

Guest column in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch following the layoffs at St. Louis Community College.

February, 12 2018
Blog Post
Readings for a New Semester (Part 1 of 3)

Book and article review blog post on Developing Writers, an online curriculum resource for college writing teachers I co-founded in 2015.

August, 22 2016
Blog Post
When Students Say, “You don’t like me”

Blog post on pedagogy, teaching, and student relationships on Developing Writers, an online curriculum resource I co-founded for college writing instructors.

April, 3 2013
Cheatsgiving: How To Survive ‘Bad Helpers’ On Thanksgiving

Article on parenting and adult children published on Mommyish.

November, 20 2013
My Mother’s Biggest Parenting Mistake Taught Me Children Need To Leave The Nest

Short essay on parenting lessons for

May, 10 2013


Each Crumbling House

My first collection of poetry, published in 2010 by Perugia Press, and winner of the Perugia Press Book Prize.
The Dead in Daylight by Melody S. Gee

My second collection of poetry, The Dead in Daylight, published in 2016 by Cooper Dillon Books. Finalist for the Julie Suk Book Award.

January, 2 2018

Creative Writing

Tracking the Muse

Article on craft and audience for creative writers and publishers. Appeared in Blackbird, the literary journal of Virginia Commonwealth University.
“Luck Let Go” by Melody Gee

A memoir essay published on Barnstorm Literary Journal

December, 11 2015
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