Memma Lomas

Copywriter, Writer

Storyteller specialising in emotionally compelling content and copy

Stories are at the heart of everything.
We engage with them, we use them to imagine a better life, and we connect with other people's that have similar ones to ours, or paint a picture of an "ending" that we would like.

In six years of writing for businesses across the globe, I have learned to find the story in any situation and tell it in a way that the people who need to hear it, do so.

My passion is in the self-help/development niche combined with entrepreneurism/small business, but I've written on a variety of subjects whilst working with various agencies.

Research and learning is something that excites me as much as writing. So much so, that I have enrolled at the Open University for a Psychology Degree.

When I'm not writing or soaking up information on how to make life "better", I can be found watching Big Bang Theory with my family.
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