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A freelance Writer by day and an aspiring novelist by night. I believe that the sum of one's own experiences makes a writer who they are, and in my case I have had plenty of them in the limited time I've had on this earth. To name just a few; I was an engineer soldier with the US Army National Guard, a security officer with the Wynn at Las vegas as well as XS, Intrigue, Surrender, and the Encore Beach Club, A Sales Executive with a company called Clearlink dealing with various home services ranging from internet and tv to home security and Cyber Security. Those three past experiences alone have given me so much insight into people and have allowed me to grow and become a well versed, open-minded, and curious person. I hope that not just these experiences, but all of those that helped shape me will also help me to shape a new article, blog or story that benefits those that need it.
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