Michael Hyneman

Editor, Graphic Designer

print + motion + art direction

Introvert. Quiet, but a listener. No ego*.

I love animation, art, Batman, cooking, design, distortion, film (Horror and Noir being the favs), Kubrick, music,
photography, reading, static, and craft beers**.

I am an experienced and passionate designer (with 10 years professionally) that has a strong sense of design, organizational skills and project deadlines. I constantly find new things to learn, that’s what is awesome about art and life... you can never stop learning.

* Except Batman, there is always room for Batman ** Not in that order but close
Content Types
Infographic, Motion Graphic, Explainer Video, Graphic, Presentation, Social Video, Video, Page Layout, Landing Page, Direct Mail, Corporate Video
More Information
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, Bachelor's Degree
St. Petersburg, FL, USA|English

Published Content

Low Rent Render Theatre on Vimeo

Just experimenting/designing something - anything in After Effects for 10-15 seconds. I present to you "Low Rent Render Theatre"

April, 1 2018
Explainer Video
KPMG Tradeshow

Working with MGT, this video shows the advantages of the KPMG company.

May, 1 2018
Motion Graphic
More stuff

Tasked with coming up with a quick-hit video concept to convey the excellence customer receive at Mavilo.

February, 24 2018
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