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Writing Is To Paper As The Heart Is To The Mind

I am a college student looking to grow and develop my skills as a freelancer. I am passionate about writing and creating content for others to read because I believe that ​doing so writers can inform, teach, and convince people which, in turn, can help them in the future. While I do not have much experience​ as a freelance writer I can guarantee​ that whatever​ assignment you have me complete I will be sure to go above and beyond your expectations.
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Blog Post
A QUIET PLACE The movie.pdf

In this post, I give my opinion of the movie A Quiet Place.

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Blog Post
CNN vs. Fox.pdf

In this blog post, I explain the differences between the news channels CNN and Fox News. I also explain the importance​ of shaping your opinion by filtering out information and relying on your own research instead of a biased source.

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Blog Post

In this post, I explain my opinion on celebrities salaries and whether or not they are being paid too much compared to specialty careers such as doctors, lawyers, and teachers.

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Blog Post
Ye Vs. The People.pdf

In this blog post, I explain the importance​ of speaking freely by referencing​ Kanye West's song "Ye vs. The People".

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Blog Post

In this post, I explain the importance of knowing whether or not to commit to the gluten-free diet.

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