Shiraz Nelson

Copywriter, Writer, Editor

Remote Business Article & Blog Copywriter for Construction, Home Improvement, Restaurants and Food Service Sectors

I have extensive education focused heavily on communications, journalism, graphic design and writing - capped with a Masters of Professional Writing. I also have 10 years of professional writing experience backed with years in management and leadership roles. You can read all the details below - my qualifications are there, but so are many other writers. What makes me different?

I don't do cheap. You won't get the lowest price from me. I don't sell click bait, and I won't cheapen the craft with content mill crap. I refuse to contribute to the sea of grammatically incorrect and structurally aggravating prose that litter the internet.

I also revere accuracy and integrity. I love the research aspect of what I do. Research is both daunting and sometimes disheartening. The sheer volume of inaccurate and hastily researched articles is staggering. Worse still is the world of SEO rankings on a budget pushing writers to hastily copy the competition from page one, regardless of accuracy. I always strive for primary sources of information in my SEO articles.

I write for both local and national brands. I've worked with non-profits, small businesses, and individuals. I understand quality writing isn't for short-term results but long-term business growth. I enjoy long-term clients and prefer to work on larger or ongoing projects. I'm flexible in tone and voice and am skilled at adapting your message for specific audiences.

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Article, Buyers Guide, Recipe, Website Copy, Blog Post, Landing Page, Social Media
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Chatham University, Masters in Professional Writing
University of Massachusetts Amherst, BA in Social Justice & Communications
WWCC, AA in Journalism
California Culinary Academy, AA in Culinary Arts
Casper, WY, USA|English

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