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Marketing Content Writer with Years of Agency Experience.

I’ve studied writing and the effective use of the English language both as an undergraduate and a graduate student. Professionally, I've learned how to educate, guide, convert, and win the trust of readers. I’ve written blog posts, eBooks, press releases, and web copy in an agency setting. In addition to writing, I'm also skilled in proofreading and editing.

I've spent most of my professional career as a business ghostwriter, but I also write creatively, having published several short memoirs and short fiction pieces in literary magazines.

My objective is to provide my strong writing skills to businesses, organizations, and individuals who need precise language, meaningful content, and an editorial eye. I wish to grow, not just as a writer, but as a professional and as a person.

I have experience writing about digital marketing, SEO, lead generation, law, enterprise technology, IT services, cloud computing, small business management, business operations, startups, and various other topics.
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Lynchburg College, BA - English (Writing)
Salem State University, MA - English (Writing)
Boston, MA, USA|English

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Adopting a Shared Language Drives Business Value

This was another interesting topic I had the pleasure of writing about for BRM Institute. I've always been fascinated by all the nuances in the English language, both by how they separate us and by how they bring us together.

February, 13 2019
Blog Post
Controlling Your Company's Vision: How to Protect Your Projects, Profits, and Your Passion

This is a post I wrote for a company that empowers entrepreneurs. This is an interesting topic, as it isn't uncommon for startup owners to change their vision based on what's going on in the market. Sometimes, it helps to go back to your roots.

Blog Post
How Can Custom CRM Software Improve Employee Productivity and Business Operations in 2019

You don't often hear much about custom CRM solutions. Most CRM vendors can customize their product to a certain extent, but that's usually with APIs and integrations. I wrote this article to speak to those business decision-makers who need more than a one-size-fits-all CRM>

Blog Post
5 Reasons Why Vendor Compliance is Important for Law Firms

This is a brief blog post about the risk that comes with third-party vendors in a law firm's supply chain. One might not think a law firm even HAS a supply chain, but they rely on many of the same products and services as other companies, even if it comes down to office supplies. Overall, the post is meant to address the fact that few law firms are implementing compliance protocols with their vendors. They have no way of ensuring their vendors live up to their performance standards. Ethical standards are also a concern. For example, some overseas vendors may exploit child labor. This fact may not be known until it's revealed in the media, along with the identities of all the vendor's U.S. customers.

January, 10 2019
Blog Post
How BRM Makes Agile Software Development & Management Theory Even More Successful

This is a brief post describing the relationship between Business Relationship Management and the Agile concept—namely, how they complement one-another to help businesses deliver value. I wasn't well-versed in Agile before writing this, although I had already heard much about it. I enjoyed doing the research for this piece because it gave me the opportunity to finally learn about it. I wasn't aware that Agile had its roots in software development, for example.

January, 8 2019
What Is BPM? The Ins and Outs of Business Process Management and Why You Need It

This article was written for a business news site that also provides backlinks to customers. The purpose of the piece is to explain the importance of business process management and encourage the reader to explore further, either on the news website or via the backlink.

November, 29 2018
Ecommerce Businesses: How to Start an Ecommerce Business Without Spending Any Money

I wrote this piece for a business news site that also provides backlinks as a service.

December, 14 2018
Blog Post
What is an Outsourced CFO?

I ghostwrote this piece for a company that provides businesses with bookkeeping software. The target audience includes small business owners who need the services of a CFO but can't afford to hire one in-house. My background isn't in finance, but I'm always interested in writing articles about it. I learned a lot about business finance, startup funding, and investing from a previous client who provided investing advice for high-wealth individuals and business owners. I also learned how little I knew about the subject, which was probably the more important learning experience.

December, 18 2018
Blog Post
How to Build a Successful Team

I wrote this post in response to changes in team dynamics that are occurring across many industries, particularly in the tech and business services industries. We're starting to move away from the old office hierarchies of the 80's and 90's. Some of the same structure i still there, but managers have realized they need to change the way they approach their teams to engage with an increasingly younger workforce. There's some confusion in this regard. A lot of attention has been paid to office perks. Those are important, but successful team-building isn't something you can manufacture by designating Friday as "jeans and T-shirt day."

April, 1 2017
Cutting Costs: How to Drastically Cut Down Your Business Expenses

This article educates small businesses about reducing their business expenses. The site serves as a resource for business owners and provides backlinks to other companies.

November, 16 2018

Business Products & Services

Blog Post
What is a Freight Management System?

This is another piece I wrote for DDC OS USA, this time about freight management systems.

February, 28 2019
Blog Post
The Highlights Of the Changing Landscape of Same Day Delivery Logistics

I wrote this piece for a company that provides professional courier services. They're what's known as a "last mile" delivery provider. They help businesses fulfill their customers' demands for on-time delivery, using technology to provide parcel tracking and other services.

December, 14 2018
Blog Post
How to Increase Caller Retention with Music on Hold

In writing this article, I was surprised to learn about all the statistics surrounding call waiting music. Most people consider it an annoyance, but businesses live or die by whether their customers are willing to wait on hold.

February, 4 2019
Blog Post
What Makes a Cannabis SEO Agency Different?

This website is an extension of an SEO agency that I write content for. They wanted to break into the cannabis industry, so I came up with a long list of blog topics and they created a newly-branded website for the effort. This is the first topic. Hypothetically, a cannabis business could turn to any agency for marketing help. But it makes sense for them to use an agency that has tied to the industry, or at least one that is cannabis-friendly. This post attempts to drive that point home.

February, 1 2019
Blog Post
9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Object to Legal Expenses Insurance

I ghostwrote this piece for a British company that provides insurance to trade professionals and businesses.

Blog Post
1 thought on “Lower Your Workload: How Infusionsoft Consulting Software Can Help You Please Your Clients”

I ghostwrote this piece for a company that provides coaching & strategy services, but they also provide consulting services surrounding Infusionsoft software. This is a type of business automation software that has a huge following among small businesses. The purpose of this post is to lay out the benefit of the software and implore the reader to seek consulting services to implement it.

January, 24 2019
Blog Post
How Virtual Office Rentals Can Save You Time and Money

This is a blog post I wrote for a British company that rents virtual office spaces in London. It's an interesting concept: Companies pay to get get a mail forwarding service, a call answering service, and meeting rooms they can use for client meetings. But the real prize is the flashy London address. This opens up opportunities for small businesses who just can't afford the commercial real estate in the London metropolitan area.

December, 17 2018
SECaaS: What Is Security as a Service and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

This article was featured on a lifestyle blog for entrepreneurs. It also provides a link back to a client's website. I did enjoy learning more about SECaaS. All of the "as a service" products on the market these days are interesting, and constantly evolving.

December, 29 2017
10 Brilliant Reasons Why Top Companies Are Choosing IT Outsourcing

I ghostwrote this piece for an individual who provides services to entrepreneurs and startups. He also runs a back-linking operation on his blog, providing links to client websites for revenue.

December, 16 2018
Blog Post
9 Business Security Methods That’ll Keep Your Business Safe

Not to be confused with cyber-security, this post was written for a business security firm that employs armed guards and implements video surveillance.

December, 16 2018
A Guide to Understanding What a Marketing Consultant Does

I wrote this short piece for a marketing consulting, web design, SEO, and social media management firm. The target audience is small business owners who know they need marketing but aren't sure about whether they should hire a marketing consultant.

December, 4 2018
Blog Post
The Top 8 Benefits of Screening New Hires with Pre-Employment Skills Testing

I wrote this blog post for an Australian company that provides skills and personality testing services to businesses. The businesses use these services to screen employees during the application process. One of the most interesting parts of writing this piece was learning about the laws that regulate this practice. There are certain types of tests that aren't allowed, such as lie detector tests and discriminate testing. This was SEO content, so the objective was to rank for certain keywords. Ideally, the reader would also come to understand the value of skills testing and inquire further.

December, 6 2018


Blog Post
Why Smart Business Owners Know to Invest in a Portable Construction Office

I ghostwrote this post for a company that serves as a broker between businesses and construction trailer companies. The objective was to inform the audience of why investing in a portable construction office is a good idea — even if they aren't a construction company. I particularly enjoyed doing the research for this piece. It was interesting how these mobile offices tied into remote work. Apparently, some people even buy them to put on their residential properties to use as at-home offices.

December, 3 2018
Blog Post
Stay Updated! 5 Construction Industry Trends to Be Aware of in 2019

This is a piece I wrote for ICW, or International Construction Week, an event about the latest developments in construction. It takes (or took) place in Malaysia.

February, 5 2019

Consumer Products & Services

Buying a Horse? Don’t Make These 10 Mistakes

This is just a fun article I wrote about buying a horse for an affiliate website.

January, 27 2019
Blog Post
How Long Can You Use the 100 Percent Private Jet Tax Break?

I was surprised to learn that owners of light jets can take a 100% tax break on their purchase up to 2023 (as long as they meet certain requirements). This post outlines how to do it. It's directed at high-wealth individuals and business leaders who have the income and resources to use such aircraft.

January, 14 2019
5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner is Not Cooling

This is another consumer-facing article that provided a link to a client's website. I learned a bit about how air conditioners work by doing this piece.

January, 2 2019
What is the Best Vacuum for a Household with Kids?

I ghostwrote this article for a news site that caters to a wide audience. This was part of a backlinking strategy for a consumer product site that features comparisons of vacuums.

December, 3 2018


Blog Post
How Data Science is Disrupting Marketing

The website I wrote this article for helps data science and tech professionals find employment. Data science is becoming an important skill set in marketing departments around the world, as most marketers have more data than they know what to do with and not enough of a STEM background to process it all.

February, 1 2019
Your Key to Deciphering the Mysteries of Pay Stub Deduction Codes

This post is meant to help employees understand the codes on their pay stubs. The site is a monetized article posting site that hosts articles about weird and interesting topics.

November, 17 2018


5 Clever Strategies to Save Money Fast to Enjoy Life More

This is a simple, consumer-facing article about quick ways to save money. This article provided a link back to a client website.

January, 12 2019

Healthcare & Medical


Information Technology

Blog Post
Outsourced IT Support: 5 Ways Outsourcing Benefits Small Businesses

I wrote this post for an outsourced IT company. This is a basic post about the benefits of outsourcing. It pays to have a few of these types of posts on your website (even if they are somewhat self-serving) in case a prospect is considering your service and wants to know if it's for them.

January, 28 2019
Blog Post
What Is a Security Audit? And Why Does Your NYC Business Need One?

I wrote this article for a cyber security and IT firm in New York. The purpose is to convince the audience (business owners) they need a security audit, which, if they're reading the article, they probably do.

December, 19 2018
Blog Post
What Is Web Hosting and How Does It Work in Ireland?

This is a blog post I wrote for an Irish web hosting company.

December, 21 2018
Blog Post
What Is Onsite Data Destruction and Why Is It so Important?

This is an article I wrote about onsite data destruction for a company that helps businesses keep data safe, relocate their data centers, and shred documents, among other services. Many businesses think data is deleted just by pressing the "delete" key or moving files into their "Recycling Bin," but most computer hardware maintains an imprint of data that can be restored at a later date, even when that data has been "deleted." This poses a security risk when hardware is disposed of improperly. Bad actors can acquire the hardware, restore the data, and use sensitive information, like passwords, to hack into networks.

January, 1 2019
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