Michal Morrison

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter

Content Writer and Communications Consultant

My name is Michal Ann, and I’m an impact-conscious communications consultant and writer from Austin.

I help businesses harness the power of their stories to become industry-leading authorities. As a content writer and a web strategist with ten years of writing, editing and marketing experience, I believe content can, and should be, click-worthy and smart.

I have worked with purpose-driven clients in the healthcare, travel, realty, food, lifestyle, tech, and e-commerce industries, and I also create content to raise awareness about disabilities, chronic illness and trauma recovery.

Much of my writing focuses on the field of healthcare. As a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor, I’ve been a ‘professional patient’ and am motivated to make empathetic and innovative content as a catalyst for the change that our country desperately needs in this arena.

I see my work as a way to create change in the spheres I care about, and I really care about women’s equality, mental health, access to healthcare, and platforms for diverse voices.

As a producer on a film with Women Rising, an award-winning production company that gives voice to stories about women and girls, I build relationships and story structure to bring awareness about women and their struggle with autoimmune disease.

I look forward to speaking with you about how I can prove myself an asset to your team!
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Article, Ebook, Commercial, Social Copy, Documentary, Blog Post, Email Newsletter, Ad/Promotional Copy
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Texas A&M University, Bachelors in English
Dallas Theological Seminary, Graduate Certificate
Austin, TX, USA|English

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