Michelle Medvedoff

Copywriter, Videographer, Ghostwriter

After I find your story's DNA, I bring it to life.

Michelle Medvedoff is a story specialist focused on short media.

As a results-driven writer with 15-years proven SEO and SEM experience, Michelle is passionate about delivering clear, compelling, and optimized copy for the health, real estate, and tech industries. She has a strong sense of customer-focus, brand identity, and commercial know-how to create highly-targeted landing pages, sales letters, emails, press releases, explainer scripts, screencasts, elearning scripts, and other marketing and training materials.

As Michelle's background is in screenwriting, she approaches all her work - from scripts to website content to speeches from the angle of STORY. She's applied her screenwriting talents to the following industries:

- Language, Education
- Entrepreneurship, Startups
- Tech, AI, RPA
- Law
- Health
- Real Estate
- E-Commerce
- Social Networks

Clients include:
- Universal
- Ambi
- Toyota
- Bank of America
- OptiLingo
- Learning Factory
- Familoop
- Zillable
- Lylo
- Greenlight Essentials
- and many more.

From films and documentaries to brand stories and commercials – Michelle believes that every facet of entertainment, including marketing copy and brand promotion must engage audiences through story.
Content Types
Blog Post, Website Copy, Press Release, Video, Script, Corporate Video, Explainer Video, Commercial, Narrative Video, Documentary, Landing Page
More Information
UCLA, Anthropology B.A.
Los Angeles, CA, USA|English

Video and Film Editing


Kickstarter, Explainer, and Commercial Scripts


SEO-Optimized Blog Posts


Technical Scripts


Press Releases


Website Copy

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