Michelle Mista

Content Strategist, Ghostwriter, Technical Writer, Videographer, Writer

Silicon Valley tech nerd with a love of the written word

Michelle Mista is a Silicon Valley IT professional turned freelance writer. She has written extensively about consumer technology with a special interest in technology for families. A lifelong geek and pop culture junkie, she often enjoys streaming entertainment marathons, alternating between science fiction and dramas involving food.
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Article, Blog Post, Buyers Guide, Checklist, Explainer Video, Ebook, Guide, Product Description, Recipe, Script, Website Copy
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DeVry University, Bachelor of Science, Telecommunications Management
San Francisco, CA, USA|English

Published Content

Photo Game Strong: Portrait Photography Secrets for Beginners to Master

General guide to photography techniques for a beginning photographer, written in a light, fun manner.

March 15th, 2019
Buyers Guide
Top 6 Best Guard Dogs

Guide to the top guard dog breeds in the United States.

May 5th, 2019
Blog Post
How to Clean a Keurig One Cup Coffee Maker

Comprehensive how to guide on cleaning a Keurig coffee maker

January 25th, 2019
PDF upload
Best Way to Grill Steak for Your Next Big Dinner

Ghostwritten article -- 2,372 words on the best way to grill steaks. Includes researched and original recipes.

January 1st, 2019
PDF upload
Product Reviews: Coffee Burr Grinders

SEO product reviews for burr-type coffee grinders, ghostwritten for a client publication.

December 1st, 2018
PDF upload
WordPress Security - How to Secure WordPress Site

Informational article on WordPress security for GoDaddy project

June 15th, 2014
PDF upload
Blog Post
Best Practices for Threat and Vulnerability in an Online Environment

Ghost writer for blog post on the basics of online security for a non-technical audience

January 5th, 2019
PDF upload
Blog Post
Cheap Tablets For Kids Is It Worth Buying Those Cheap Techs

Ghost writer and researcher for the copy for this article about affordable tablet computers. (Headline and images were not mine.)

July 29th, 2018
PDF upload
Buyers Guide
1TB SSDs Your Best Choice Of Storage For All Your Computer Needs

Buyers guide about solid state drives, written for a non-technical audience.

July 29th, 2018
PDF upload
Blog Post
3 Questions to Ask Before the Home Buying Process Starts

Blog post ghost written for Guthrie Group Homes, targeting prospective home buyers in their Northern California market.

August 6th, 2018
Blog Post
So You Want to Have a Star Wars Wedding

Comprehensive write up on Star Wars themed wedding ideas

December 10th, 2018
Website Copy
Cleaning Your Touchscreen Devices

How to guide on cleaning touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets

March 25th, 2013
Website Copy
3 Ways to Declutter Your Digital Life
April 4th, 2013
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