Michelle Wilcox


Dream Big. Work Hard.

I am an aspiring writer and artist. I am even working with a producer/agent to sell my own Tv series. Reaper's Game. Which you can feel free to check out its link in my portfolio section. I also have written other screenplays that I have been working to sell.

I have taken art classes throughout my highschool years and some online courses. Along with writing classes as well. I am looking to get more professional experience under my belt, as well as help other in need of assistance in these areas.

I am saving up to live in New York to pursue my passion of the arts. I am a dedicated artist and writer with great people and computer skills, as well as multitasking. I work hard and thrive to make sure I always do every task or project to my very best.

I am very excited for those of you who give me the chances to work for.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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Brewster Highschool, GED
Dayton, WA|English

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Reaper’s Game
June, 14 2017
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