Micky Sedota

Copy Editor, Copywriter, Developmental Editor, Editor, Ghostwriter, Writer

Mindful Editing to Deliver Your Full Story

"I discovered my passion for editing as a writer in women’s peer-review circles. Dirtying my hands in content, organization, verbs–that’s my Ikigai. My reason for being. The thing I wake up to, return to, and improve with discipline. I love it, I am good at it, I make a living from it, and, most importantly, I help people. I help people tell their stories.

I have over seven years of experience mentoring, tutoring, and editing college-level English Composition and Literature. I have a BA in Humanities and a Certificate in Gender Studies and Sexuality." -Micky Sedota
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University of Pittsburgh, Bachelor of Arts in Humanities
University of Pittsburgh, Certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies
Pittsburgh, PA, USA|English

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