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Writer, Designer, video editor.

Hello, my name is Mikayla Winters.

I am a freelance writer, social media professional, and virtual assistant based in New Mexico. I currently work as a part-time virtual assistant and run my own eCommerce business that sells handmade jewelry, accessories, and art. I'm here with the hope of gaining more experience in my field, I see every project as a learning opportunity for me to grow, and hopefully, help someone else grow as well.

Writing has always been a lifelong love for me. I’ve done it for as long as I can remember, and I am knowledgeable in editing and formatting, and extremely fluent in the English language.

I also have experience in social media marketing and management. My skills in this field include content creation such as social media writing and graphic design, marketing and promotion with tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, SEO, and a knowledge of how to engage with followers and gain an organic following.
Due to running my own business, I have experience with eCommerce, and I am familiar with what it takes to run an eCommerce business.

I feel my greatest strength going into any new project is my adaptability and willingness to leave my comfort zone and learn new skills, closely followed by my organizational skills.
I treat every project as an opportunity to grow and learn something new, and I value ethics and delivering my best work above all else.

Work history

I have worked as a social media manager and virtual assistant for up and coming author M. Schneiders. It was my job to assist in promoting her book through social media, as well as manage her social media accounts and blog, which included using skills such as content writing, editing, formatting, SEO, and graphic design.

I have also worked with health and fitness radio host and blogger, Drew Taddia with Exploring Mind and Body as a part-time virtual assistant. I assisted with social media, finding and booking guests for the radio show, and various tasks associated with organizing the show.

I have worked on the health and fitness app Twinbody, helping with finding and communicating with social media influencers and creating fun and engaging posts for their social media presence.

Along with starting my own eCommerce business, for which I do everything from updating my website to making the products.

Previously I worked for a small animal shelter as a caregiver to rescued dogs and cats, as well as assisting with adoptions, pet photography, event organization, and data entry.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to potentially working with you.
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