Mike Gill

Content Strategist, Editor, Technical Writer, Writer, Managing Editor

Growth executive. My content generates 300K+ of unique visits every month.

I'm a growth executive turned content writer looking to deliver exceptional writing for discerning brands, while ensuring it ranks for the keywords you care about.

At my core, I'm a total SEO nerd, and am happy to do much of the research and planning if it would be valuable.

In terms of my passions / areas of expertise, I have a few that might be relevant to your piece of content!

1 - I have a deep background (and interest) in all of the sciences. I took a mixed bag of biology, psychology, chemistry, and physics through to the highest level courses available at my university. As a result, I love science writing.

2 - I'm an ultramarathon runner, and take fitness fairly seriously. When I first got in to shape, I religiously read the most recent articles on hypertrophy and anaerobic performance, so am quite comfortable getting into the technical pieces of sport.

3 - I'm currently a product/growth executive, and so love talking shop about everything from UX to functional programming. Tech is definitely home for me today, and as a prior founder myself I love talking about start-ups and small businesses.
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McMaster University, Mathematics
Toronto, ON, Canada|English

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