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Hi everyone! My name is Milica and I am nearly 27 years old. I came from Macedonia, little country in Balcan and my home town is Bitola. I had graduated in Faculty of Sequrity in Skopje Macedonia. In my free time I usally write i stories with fantasy or romance genre, poems and songs. I have also written a book. My book is called "Scenario", and the same was published in 2017 year. I am writing her second part this period. I am good in English. I have been learning the language for about 10 years...I love writing. My opinion is that words are magic with which we can reach the hearts of people. They can touch the most painful wound, but also they can take someone to the happiest place ever. I love the way how the words can change people, can change the world, the war, the unequality. So I decided every day of my life to spend it for finding new words who will make someone happy and write them on a story.
From the early days I have been writing song, essays,short stories, poems. I did professional writing in the area of my studies and work, which I found helpfull for increase my knowledge, just as analysis of research results and made them helpfull in everyday living.
So I would say , words can describe everything. They can put one in the maze of fantasy and make it fill amazing, but also can touch deep in someone's feelings and conscience.
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Faculty of Sequrity, 4th
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