Milica Rakic

Copywriter, Photographer, Writer

If you want to be the anomaly, better start acting like one. Doing what everyone else is doing is not going to work.

I am a life enthusiast who has recently discovered a passion for writing. I believe that we are on this Earth for a reason. And that reason is definitely not to be stuck with jobs we hate. Therefore I am determined to make a living writing. At the end of the day, that is what makes me happy. I know that the journey is going to be tough, especially in the beginning while I am still struggling to get my first writing gigs, but there is nothing that can't be achieved with a lot of good old hard work.
Content Types
Blog Post, Buyers Guide, Commercial, Interview, Product Description
More Information
Filological Highschool, Bachelor degree in Economics (International Economy and Foreign Trade)
Belgrade, Serbia|English, Croatian, Spanish, Serbian

Published Content

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March, 26 2018
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