Miriam Holzman-Sharman

Developmental Editor, Technical Writer

Ask Questions, Solve Puzzles, Deliver Value

At camp, I was voted "Most Likely to Ask a Question," an honor I hold to this day. To relieve stress, I love completing puzzles, all types. Together these pursuits defined a career of asking questions to pinpoint issues and addressing those issues as a puzzle to be solved. My experience is wide ranging, engaging global business leaders and supporting small non-profits. Helping businesses achieve their goals with a sense of humor is my superpower. In my spare time, I consume all forms of media, avoid cooking dinner and write blogs on world peace. Ok, maybe the last one is an SEO test.
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Presentation, Case Study, Interview, Website Copy
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UCLA, Mass Communications
Loyola Marymount, MBA
Los Angeles, CA, USA|English

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