Misty Showalter

I'm a national award-winning journalist, now copywriter with a knack for capturing your 'voice'. I've written about anything you can imagine. Challenge me!

I'm a national award-winning journalist with 18 years experience producing highly valued sponsored content across international and national markets. I took to the freelance world in March 2016 and have been a copywriter since then. I love digging into a topic or a client’s mission and figuring out the best way to tell that story in their voice. I have a regular client, a marketing firm, for whom I write email campaigns, web content, newsletters and reward articles.

I recently wrapped a position as Story Producer, working on the true crime series "Swamp Murders" for ID. My role was to make sure the writer and director stayed true to the facts of the case. I acted as field producer, script supervisor during the shooting of the re-enactment phase, post-production producer and fact-checker.

Before I went freelance, I was the Southeast staff producer for CBS News. I was on the front line of major national news stories and wrote correspondent packages for CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley; CBS This Morning and CBS Sunday Morning.

At HLN I produced a show called “American Journey: Hottest Job”, which received the highest ratings in the series’ year-long run. At CNN International, I won a Gracie award and a National Association of Black Journalists award for pieces I produced. As senior producer, I was responsible for multi-million dollar sponsorships – conceiving and executing the look of the segments and keeping the sponsor happy and re-signing years later.
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