Mitch Truelove

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My priority as a writer and educator has always been accessibility. I am a native English speaker with considerable experience in research, writing, and editing.

My primary interests are American social and political history, policy analysis, and international relations, but I am comfortable writing about a much wider array of subjects. I've written about everything from sports to technology.

I will soon graduate with a Master of Arts in American History and intend to publish my work on the history of racial power structures here in the Missouri Ozarks. I have been at the top of my program and selected for graduate assistantships for three consecutive terms with a 4.0 GPA. As a graduate assistant, my primary duty has been to evaluate student writing and offer feedback.

My skillset further allows me to examine complex sociopolitical issues and break them down in a way that makes them accessible to a wide audience outside of just academia, making me an excellent candidate for any project that calls for concise, accessible communication.
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Missouri State University, Master of Arts - History
Springfield, MO, USA|English

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