Mohamad Osman

Writer, Copywriter

Throwing curveballs and dropping truth bombs of personal growth.

Want your ideas demonstrated in awe-inspiring prose? Have a compelling narrative in mind but lack just the right tools to craft it? Maybe you require a wordsmith to write gripping, SEO-friendly content for your website?

You’ve come to the “write” place! As a fiery passion of mine, writing is the #1 medium that gets my creative juices flowing.

As a writer with years of hands-on experience and a knack for reading up on interesting new topics, I can write on just about anything that tickles your fancy! (You’re in for a treat if it’s self-help, motivation, or entrepreneurship.)

As a deadline-driven logomaniac, I can:

*Write blog posts and articles in a fun, conversational tone
*Write long-form essays in a voice that’s authoritative, yet alluring
*Do a mix of both!
*Transform mediocre writing into a piece of reader-dazzling prose
*Proofread your work so that it’s 100% error-free

1) I’m a “digital fieldworker” who loves to get lost in research until brain-fried

2) Topics that spur my interest (besides the one already mentioned) are history, travel, psychology, philosophy, travel, zoology—to name a few

3) If you are tired of bland, clunky, boring-as-hell writing then you already know whom to contact

Remember, you don’t find high-quality writing every day.

Have a question? Just send me a message and we’ll see if there’s a chance for us to work together. Thanks for reading, and talk to you soon!
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Ebook, Product Video, Blog Post
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Egyptian Language School, High School Diploma
Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport, Bachelor of Computer Science
Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt|Arabic, English

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