Mohammed Ludwick

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Strong writer with extensive cryptocurrency and finance background.

I'm originally from Seattle, USA. I've been actively working with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency for over 6 years. Aside from doing a lot of academic writing, I've been professionally freelance writing for a little over a year. I'm active in and understand many aspects of the cryptocurrency community, including monetary policy, tokenomics, distribution, and emission structures, consensus protocols, decentralized governance, investment strategies, trading, adoption strategies, cryptocurrency and blockchain use case viability, the geopolitical and global economic climate and its impact on markets, among others.

I can write fluently on technical debates and the trade-offs and rationale of different design choices when it comes to blockchain or cryptocurrency startups. I've written news pieces about the industry, reviews of products, guides to using online services, analysis of the underlying value of startups, and lots of pieces explaining the value and disruptive potential of the technology to general audiences.

I can tailor my writing for anyone from advanced technical audiences to complete newcomers to the industry, effectively condensing complex topics into easy to read and engaging articles. After spending years interacting with cryptocurrency investors, I have a good understanding of the psychology of audiences and can also make effective emotional appeals in copy.
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Article, Blog Post, Whitepaper, Ebook, Social Copy, Website Copy, Page Layout, Script, Explainer Video, Landing Page
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University of Kassel, MA Global Political Economy
The Evergreen State College, BA Cultural Studies
Sohar, Oman|Arabic, German, English, French, Spanish

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