Molly Wentzel

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Passion Without the Bullshit

I write with passion about real life issues - trauma, healing, personal power, social issues. On top of being a writer, I am a Trauma Coach, specializing in healing sexual trauma, and a Reiki master. My clients may have experienced sexual violence, depression, anxiety, self-loathing, etc. I’ve been there myself and it’s my purpose to heal anyone who has experienced those things, whether through coaching or my writing. I use my writing to call attention to issues that need to change or improve, and translate that into stirring calls to action for your purposes and business. I haven written my whole life, starting from childhood when I would write my own creative stories for fun, blogs for my own LLC, and now a book in the process of self-publishing. I don’t like to follow the crowd and break with tradition when tradition is boring or archaic. If you’re looking for a fresh writer who is unapologetic and spirited, I’m your woman. I prefer to write about intersectional issues, women’s issues, sexual violence, social problems and potential solutions (such as your awesome business) and world-changing new products or services, but I’m open to whatever you’re looking for. Let’s talk!
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Adelphi University, Bachelor’s
International Association of Wellness Professionals , Wellness Coach Certification
Ronkonkoma, NY, USA|English

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