Mona Burch

Editor, Ghostwriter, Writer

Editing manuscripts, home related blogs (cooking, gardening, crafts), short stories, poetry

My first experience with building websites and getting involved with the World Wide Web began back in 1999 and a partnership. We called our company Cyberstation Texas and I think we were a little bit ahead of the times. Trying to convince somebody that a web address was basically a catalog on a postcard was extremely difficult back then.

Now we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. Posts. Blogs. Hashtags. So many social media Outlets it's hard to keep up. It's almost like a different language.

Since 1999, I've had the opportunity at participating in many marketing and advertising ventures from Las Vegas all the way back home, to Texas. My love of writing, my attention to details, my workaholic work ethics have carried me far.

I'm still pursuing my own personal dreams, (a book in the works, a new website in the works), and in order to do this, I found great pleasure in going back to the basics and working in advertising and marketing again. I write and edit for several freelance agencies and take great pride in providing a professional, well- written piece.
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Article, Ebook, Product Description, Presentation, Recipe, Press Release, Blog Post, Email Newsletter, Ad/Promotional Copy
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Tyler Jr. College, Tyler, TX, credits, certifications, no degree

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