Monica Brown

Content Strategist, Ghostwriter, Writer

HubSpot Content Marketing Certified Freelance B2B Writer. Content creator for blogs, articles, and website copy. Fields: SaaS, Digital Marketing, Web Design, eCommerce.

As a freelance B2B writer, I like to dig deep into the minds of the customer. I like to know their pains and frustrations, what motivates them, what bothers them and give them a solution. After all, that 's what they're looking for, right? How can I do that? By using emotion-based content that makes them want to share with the rest of the industry. I'm also an ambitious, creative millennial who has a case of wanderlust.
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Article, Blog Post, Guide, Infographic Copy, Website Copy
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University of Texas at Arlington, Communication Technology
Overland Park, KS, USA|English

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