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You're reading a lot of these, so here I am in bullet-point form: -I'm a 26 year old, new to the scene so-to-speak. -I've had a passion for writing and photography since the 9th grade, way back in 2005. -I've received my associates degree in digital photography from my local community college in 2014. -Art, in all forms truly speaks to me and I'm finally at the age where I really feel the need to express myself as well as help others with their projects.

Hello. My name is Morgan Mendenall. I'm a 26 year old Taurus with the stubbornness to match. I grew up in a "corn fed" town in central Illinois and currently live in South East Wisconsin. I have a passion for animals, music, writing and cooking. I'm diving deep into the world of freelance writing to really get the hang of expressing myself through my writing again. I was part of a poetry club in high school and ever since then, I've hid it away. It's time I show the world my capabilities as well as my talents.
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Richland Community College, Business Administration
Richland Community College, Culinary Arts
Richland Community College, Digital Photography
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