Morissa Schwartz

Owner of Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing and Proprietor of GenZ Publishing

“Writers live twice,” author Natalie Goldberg said, and if you are a writer in the internet age, you live as many lives as you want. As a bestselling author and an innovative entrepreneur, I treasure the opportunity to help countless writers and fellow entrepreneurs express themselves and lead their best lives through writing as well as editing, marketing, and PR.

I help businesses, authors, and innovators change the world by using search-engine-optimized, intelligent writing to help their work stand out. As a bestselling author myself and professional marketer for successful companies, I know what it takes to get your work read and shared. With a master’s in communication and a doctorate in literature (in progress), I have the training to take your writing to the next level. I have nearly a decade of experience writing, editing, and marketing content that gets seen, shared, and results.

It’s been proven to me time and time again that no goal is unreachable if we are creative, brave, and dedicated to our work! That is why I’ve founded multiple companies including GenZ Publishing (which regularly publishes Amazon bestsellers), AmWriting (a ghostwriting company), and Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing (a copywriting and digital marketing company that specializes in creative SEO content). With all three of these companies, I provide a space for young and aspiring authors to grow and find their venue and help clients find their unique voice while expanding their digital reach through innovative marketing, reputation management, and promotional services.

Through my hard work, publications and media appearances on MTV, Lifetime, Entertainment Weekly, Writer’s Café, and HuffPost I’ve been dubbed the “The Voice of Generation Z.” I use that voice to help others find theirs as well.

Language is fundamental to the human condition, and communication shapes the world. Let’s shape a brand new, brighter world together!
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Drew University, BA (English major with concentration on Law)
Monmouth University, MS (Public and Corporate Communication)
Marlboro Township, NJ, USA|English

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