Mouhssine boukou

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter

Mouhssine writes SEO web marketing content for major brands including Tom's of Maine, Walmart and a2Milk. She also provides feature content to newspapers and magazines including Club Traveler and TIME, As well as writing articlesWith over 10 years of expertise in promoting the technology, my writing can bring you a lot of web site guests and conversions.

Mouhssine likes to work the intersection of technology and promoting. From his early youth merchandising discounted candy from his treasury to assembling his own SMS promoting tool that he sold-out to over one state, he learned the worth of entrepreneurial thinking and smarter promoting. Despite his close to addiction to chatting computer code, AI, net of things, technology and promoting, he conjointly likes to go away from it all and pay time within the mountains, hiking, climbing, cross-country and weight loss. Mohsen currently lives in Morocco, a gorgeous country to settle in.
Content Types
Blog Post, Whitepaper, Ebook, Guide, Article, Presentation, Website Copy, Buyers Guide
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University of Iowa, Excellent
Tetouan, Morocco|English, German

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