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Mpapi Morare.
Mpapi Morare is a creative writer, salesman and quality inspector. He has worked in the field of telemarketing and in rail and military vehicle harnessing manufacturing. In telemarketing he was a sales agent converting leads to sales. In rail and military vehicle harnessing manufacturing, he was a quality inspector. He writes poems, blogs, songs, psalms and is busy with a book right now. He likes things to be done according to procedure and to the satisfaction of the client or end user, which lead to more business for the company he works for. Outside of work Mpapi likes nature and spends time with like minded people in nature and engages with people on current events especially in the politics and sports.
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Article, Product Description, Press Release, Blog Post, Email Newsletter
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High School, Bsc IT(one year, unfinished)
Johannesburg, South Africa|English

Published Content

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Candid Photography
Working Photo.jpg

This is just a photo I had taken of me after a video shoot

June, 16 2016
PDF upload
Sampling by attributes..pdf

This is a document I wrote for my previous employer on how we will inspect the items we bought from our suppliers.

April, 15 2018
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Marriage Letter.pdf
December, 6 2018
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Blog Post
New Tweet.jpg

This is post I wrote for my page on Facebook which is not my personal page but my artist page.

January, 1 2019
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My Joy Is Jesus Christ.pdf

This is a song I wrote about my relationship with Jesus Christ and the joy I find in it.

August, 15 2018
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Blog Post
In Love With The Wind.pdf

This is a poem I wrote about loving a woman who does not want to be loved.

January, 1 2019
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