Muhammad Azam Khan

Graphic Designer

My Focus Quality and Trend

I am a Pharmacist and a Graphic Designer. I chose both these professions by my choice to carry them along through my career and merge them both when the time and my skills are appropriate.
I have recently made my own company with the name "COLORAS" whose main purpose is to focus solely on the Graphic designing initialy because i have my expertise in the following field.
I have this ambition to groom my graphic designing experience more each day. I work offline and online both.
I have designed many professional logos, poster, brochure, covers and designed sports kit i.e T-shirts etc for my local customer and have worked online on platforms like freelancer etc.
My Skills are,
- Graphic Designing (that includes logo design, poster design, card design, brochure design, T-Shirt design etc)
- Presentation Designing
- Typing
-Pharmaceutical services
-Healthcare services

My ambition and interests are to,
- Excel in Graphic Designing.
- Produce more accurate designs that my costumers could get satisfied from the first sight of it.
- Revolutionize the world of graphic designing.
-Flourish my company to success with the help of my costumers
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