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Hello! I have enjoyed writing since I was a kid, but had never really thought of it as a viable career path. Consequently, when I went for my undergraduate degree, English and related fields were not on my radar. After earning my degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship, I joined the working world only to realize that I was not particularly motivated to do my job. After much reflection, meditation, and online "personality" and "ideal career" tests; I decided to seriously explore a writing career. I didn't pay much attention to it prior to this decision, but I realized that I had actually never stopped writing. While I was pursuing my undergraduate degree and even after joining the work life, I still helped write/edit academic papers for friends. Even more importantly, I still occasionally get the unexpected urge to write and consequently have a number of written bits on an array of topics. So, here I am, trying it out.
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Kent State University, Bachelors of Business Administration
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia|English

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