Mustapha Elmoudni

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter

I worked in news writing and photography since…. After attaining a BA in English Literature at the University of Sidi Mohammed ibn abdellah Faculty of Letters and human sciences. My specialty was English Literature. I read a lot of novels and plays when I was at the university and criticize them and write about them. I feel comfortable writing articles about different subjects.

My name is Mustapha, I was graduated in English Literature from Sidi Mohammed ibn Abdellah University, Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences in Fes City in Morocco, I have been studying novels and plays, poems, stylistics, African literature, linguistics, and translation from Arabic into English and vice versa. I have been teaching English while I was still at the university and after getting my B.A. I love writing articles, criticizing, and commenting on novels and plays, my research was under the title of Self-liberation in Ibsen's A Doll's House, a Norwegian play writer. my monograph was 60 pages long and three parts. It talks about the process of man's liberation in general and woman's freedom from man domination. I have a certificate in Data processing, a Diploma TESOL from Florida: teaching English to speakers of other languages. and also a certificate in fruit growing. I read newspapers, articles about different subjects and I enjoy writing and comment about all subjects. I write, speak and read English, Arabic, and French languages. I do a lot of research on the net. I use the computer and the internet almost every day.
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Candid Photography, Article, General Photo, Recipe, General Video, Blog Post
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Faculty of Letters , B.A. in English Literature
Centre d informatique et de resources humains , Data processing Certificate
School in Florida, TESOL Diploma
Tahala, Morocco|Arabic, English, French

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