Navneet Vats

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Editor, Ghostwriter, Technical Writer

Technical Writer, Blogger, Copywriter and a UX Enthusiast with Empathy for Audience

I am an accomplished technical writer with proven skills in copywriting, blogging and content design. My engineering background and writing flair enable me to simplify the complex technical jargon and present it to my audience in a clear, concise and complete manner.

As a UX enthusiast with deep sympathy for my audience, I follow the principles of UX writing to improve the user’s interaction with the content. I am a challenge seeker and this attitude has helped me deliver complex writing projects, for example, the API portal for developers that I wrote from scratch.

I like technical writing, but my love for it does not limit me to it. I have demonstrated in the past my blogging and copywriting skills. I can write for a wide audience - from developers to marketers - with ease.

I have good experience in the use of the Wordpress platform as a Content Management System. I have used it to write the blog, manage and promote it on different social media sites. I can write an online guide for the software application and API, and create content for a blog post and a sales copy. All of them optimized with keywords because content these days lives on the web and should be searchable.
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Guide, Ebook, Product Description, Landing Page, Whitepaper, Website Copy, Checklist, Direct Mail, Blog Post
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PSGVP Polytechnic, Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India|English

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