Nada Awar

A poet , researcher and writer in English and Arabic

I am a female poet, and writer in Arabic and English. Fourth of January, 1957 I was born in Quarnayel, Lebanon. Being an only daughter among three sons, gave my whole life an aromatic taste.
Being a citizen of Nutopia, the conceptual country that was born by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1971 where there is no land but only people governed by the cosmic law, I never could accept the divide and rule policy that governs mother earth.
Rabindranath Tagore is my spiritual master. Chief Seattle’s “Message To the Modern World” broadened my views and deepened my interrelationships with Nature.
August 2015, my Poem, “Web of Choices" , was chosen to be Published in The 2015 Annual New England Poetry Journal and Anthology.
In July 2013 copy right permissions were signed by me and sent to Forward poetry publishing house in the UK allowing them to publish my poems, "Who might be she" in the anthology “A Mother To Me” and, "In Peace We Stay" in the anthology The World At War - Poems From The Battlefield and "Sun Melts The Snow" in the anthology Endless Love.
I am interested to express my views concerning existence, cosmic law, and life in general in my poems, stories and writings. I am also concerned to light on cultures, norms, and life styles.
I have already published many books in Arabic for elders and for kids.
I was attacked by Multiple Sclerosis since thirty years. I could easily build a friendship with this chronic disease that allowed me to discover my inner self.
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