Nahla El Kazak

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I have 12+ years of experience in sales and marketing in Information Technology. I have always helped clients succeed and this is exactly what I am here to do. I am here to help you create engaging and accurate content that will attract the right audience to your business. With a BA in English Literature and a passion for business and health, my work is a mix of what I can and love to do.
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Article, Ebook, Product Description, Whitepaper, Website Copy, Blog Post
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Faculty of Arts, English Literature., BA
Alexandria, VA, USA|Arabic, English

Published Content

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October, 29 2018
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September, 28 2018
Website Copy
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October, 22 2018
Running Through Life

This is a piece about how running resembles life and how it has helped me approach life differently.

October, 3 2018
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