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I'm here to do a bit of writing & a bit of Infographics "ONLY" (Now, that's a line I've searched the whole wide web for a few decent sites that didn't bombard me with wrong job suggestions and all types of other things)

Hi there, my name is Najat Abdullah. I'd be happy to work with you and create the best content tailored specifically to your needs (blog posts, articles, etc...), 100% plagiarism-free. Sounds a little cliche? It probably does, and it's been repeated to exhaustion, yet with so many article-rewriting and copy paste work everywhere. I stay true to what I've stated. I only offer 100% original, interesting, facts-filled, and add to that a mix of mind-boggling and eye-opening content, tailored to your specific niche and requirements. Try me!

PS: I'm highly-skilled with creating the best infographics, and some articles / blog posts look better that way. We'd go with what works best with your content.
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The Open University - Jeddah / KSA, BBA
Jeddah Saudi Arabia|English

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