Nancy A Shenker

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Technical Writer, Writer

I have been called a "strategic Pez dispenser of storytelling and results-driving content."

I have 30+ years of experience writing everything from books and articles to white papers to marketing copy, websites, and social posts.
My style is highly-flexible, and I'm super-fast.
A quick study, I can tackle the most complex of topics and translate them into highly-readable and entertaining pieces.
I have also written large amounts of copy for SaaS companies and business marketers and understand how to write for all stages of the marketing and sales funnel.
Fluent in various CMS options, I am also a highly-graphic thinker and can creative direct projects of all sizes and media.
Content Types
Blog Post, Whitepaper, Social Copy, Website Copy, Product Description, Case Study, Press Release, Ad/Promotional Copy, Direct Mail, Infographic Copy, Guide, Presentation, Checklist
More Information
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Bachelors in English & Psychology
New York University, Graduate Diploma in Book Publishing
Kellogg, Executive Marketing Program
Arizona/New York|Languages

Published Content

Blog Post
The Future of Retail

I often attend conferences and trade shows and report on trends and products. More of these are viewable at

November, 3 2017
Blog Post
Clear the Shelves! How to Demo Like a Pro

This is just one example of a blog offering practical small business tips for a specific industry.

July, 21 2014
The Silver Hair Playbook: How to Be a Bad-Ass Over 50

Targeted to Boomers, this column features useful tips on how to age with spirit and a bit of snark.

August, 13 2018
Blog Post
Hack Your Vocabulary: The New ABCs Of Business

I have written a variety of content for Huff-Post, mostly business- and career-related.

September, 7 2016
Meet the Man and Machines Attempting to Build the Ultimate Business Marketplace
May, 17 2018
Former Apple CEO John Sculley on How to Beat a Big Gorilla
April, 25 2018
This Sleep Toy May Make You More Productive at Work
December, 8 2017
The Most Innovative Technology Powering the 2018 Super Bowl
January, 24 2018
5 Ways to Boldly Reboot Your Life in the New Year
December, 15 2017
How the Machines Are Making Human Resources More Human
May, 11 2018
Plastic Straws' Days Are Numbered. But You Can Slurp On With These Green Alternatives
June, 20 2018
This Is What the Gym of the Future Will Look Like
January, 11 2018
Why the Greek System Could Be the Next Startup Incubator
May, 14 2018
Tech Execs Give Thumbs-Up to These Life- and Time-Savers
December, 21 2017
If You're Not Doing These 8 Things Every Time You Go to a Conference, Don't Bother Attending
February, 8 2018
3 Product Innovations Debuting at the 2018 Winter Olympics
February, 7 2018
Simple Ways to Boost Your Company's Press Profile
March, 15 2018
7 Things Your Company Can Learn from the Facebook and Twitter Earnings
July, 27 2018
The Future of Car-Buying May Mean You'll Never Go to Another Dealership Again
April, 18 2018
Simplehuman's CEO on Why He Embraced the Idea of Selling a $250 Trashcan
February, 14 2018
Is Artificial Intelligence a Feminist Issue?
November, 10 2017
The Secret to Finding More Joy This Holiday Season? Get Yourself a Robot
November, 22 2017
Want Your Kids to Be Ready for the Future? Send Them Away This Summer
March, 28 2018
How to Give Swag Your Customers Actually Want to Keep
February, 27 2018
Inside the Land Grab to Establish the Next Hot Spot for Startups
May, 7 2018
The Next Big Office Design Trend? Creative Ways to Bring Back Privacy
May, 17 2018
Wearables and Robots May Keep You from Aging-Out of Your Job
July, 26 2018
Meet the Tech Company That Won an Oscar This Year for Its Insane Special Effects
February, 28 2018
Sorry, Bartenders. Robots are Coming for Your Jobs.
April, 3 2018
How the Innovative Company Behind Peeps Hatches 2 Billion Chicks a Year
March, 26 2018
Summer Like It's 2028: 7 Ways to Have a Future-Focused Season
July, 2 2018
Real Artificial Intelligence How to Spot Fakes
November, 15 2017
5 Ways to Rock a TV Interview
March, 2 2018
4 Lessons From Apple -- America's First $1 Trillion Company
August, 3 2018
Meet Your New Sales Coach. It's Not Human
January, 17 2018
Don't Know What to Wear? There's a Robot for That
April, 13 2018
Yes, the Robots Are Coming (Just Don't Ask Them for a Latte)
November, 2 2017
6 Ways To Downsize Your Business In Order To Grow Big
January, 3 2018
Why Your Next Gig Could Be On Your Phone
July, 12 2018
You Just Connected With Someone on LinkedIn. Here's How to Make That Connection More Meaningful Now
July, 23 2018
Are You a Jerk or a Star on LinkedIn? This Company Can Help You Find Out
May, 1 2018
7 Reasons You Should Always Download Conference Apps
March, 5 2018
Why Top Talent Are Leaving Silicon Valley for This Greener Pasture
November, 30 2017
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