Nancy A Shenker

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Technical Writer, Writer

I have been called a "Pez Dispenser" of research, storytelling and results-driving content. Mature and versatile.

I have 30+ years of experience writing everything from books and articles to white papers to marketing copy, websites, and social posts.
My style is highly flexible, and I'm super-fast.
A quick study, I can tackle the most complex of topics and translate them into highly-readable and entertaining pieces.
I have also written large amounts of copy for SaaS companies and business marketers and understand how to write for all stages of the marketing and sales funnel. Comfortable interviewing sources -- up to the C-level.
Fluent in various CMS options, I am also a highly-graphic thinker and can creative direct projects of all sizes and media.
Content Types
Blog Post, Whitepaper, Social Copy, Website Copy, Product Description, Case Study, Press Release, Ad/Promotional Copy, Direct Mail, Infographic Copy, Guide, Presentation, Checklist
More Information
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Bachelors in English & Psychology
New York University, Graduate Diploma in Book Publishing
Kellogg, Executive Marketing Program
Scottsdale, AZ, USA|Languages

Published Content

© 2019, Horman's Best Pickles

From cuke to brine...I creative-directed, wrote, and oversaw the photoshoot and production for this site. I was subsequently hired to create a website for their wholesale "cousin brand" -- Horman's Family Pickles.
Rolling Out the Green Carpet

Writing a series of influencer profiles for the Greenbuild conference.

September 9, 2019
The Eat/Shop/Stay/Play Phenomenon: How to Reach the New One-Stop Consumer
August 3, 2019
Blog Post
5 Survival Tips for Multi-Location Restaurants and Retailers

I write 2-3 content pieces weekly for this SaaS company, targeted primary at multi-location restaurants, retailers, and franchises. I develop concepts, research, write, edit, and create e-mail nurture streams. I also review weekly results tracking and make recommendations.

July 29, 2019
Blog Post
The Rise of Mobile-Powered Talent in Hospitality

Harri is a fully-integrated SaaS platform for restaurants and the hospitality industry. I research and write timely content around trends that have an impact on hiring, training, and retention.

August 13, 2019
MomentFeed Appoints Nick Hedges CEO

I write press releases and develop pitch strategies for a wide range of business, product, service, and thought leadership news.

July 9, 2019
Blog Post
How Real Restaurants Are Responding to Common Minimum Wage Increase Effects

Because I've written so much about the restaurant/hospitality industry and food tech, I was approached by Toast to research and write this original long-form piece about the impact of minimum wage increases on the restaurant industry.

May 14, 2019
Blog Post
Nancy A. Shenker

I've written a wide variety of ungated and gated content for this fast-growing SaaS company, focused on mobile-local search. I develop topics, research trends, and write/edit all original content for I am also responsible for writing all social posts, press releases, and e-mails related ot the content.

May 29, 2019
Meet Paul Saginaw

As part of a larger assignment for Catersource, I am interviewing and profiling many of the speakers.

December 7, 2018
PDF upload
Urban Pioneer Guide.pdf

I was given a few days and a modest budget to write this compelling overview for a new real estate investment initiative. I researched and wrote this original piece and consulted on ways to enhance and promote it (e.g., the infographic).

June 10, 2019
Homework Defined: Best and Worst; If You Take a Long View

An oldie but goodie. Won a writing contest.

November 9, 2003
Blog Post
Westward Ho! How I Got Rid of Most of my Possessions and Moved to the Desert

Making big bold moves in life and business can lead to growth. Here's how I made mine.

December 17, 2018
About Nancy A Shenker

I have written four business books, all available in print and as e-books. I am also familiar with the self-publishing process.
Blog Post
Two Girls Discover Their Inner Artists…45+ Years Later

My Thrive Global series is focused on inspiring Boomers to live awesome long lives and inspiring young people not to fear aging.

November 26, 2018
Blog Post
Disrupting Catering: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

A glimpse into the future of the rapidly-growing catering industry.

November 30, 2018
How Well Do You Adapt To New Technology?

I create (write, creative-direct, and promote) infographics, related to business and lifestyle.

March 31, 2018
Blog Post
How to Find (and Keep) the Perfect Bartender

I have written a variety of articles related to hiring, training, and management for

January 2, 2018
Idea Book: ACE 2018 Award Winner Kristin Banta Events

I was hired by Catersource (part of UBM/Informa, one of the world's largest trade show and conference companies) to produce a wide variety of editorial and lead-gen content for their website and social media.

November 9, 2018
Blog Post
The Silver Hair Playbook: How to Be a Bad-Ass Over 50

Targeted to Boomers, this column features useful tips on how to age with spirit and a bit of snark.

August 13, 2018
Blog Post
How this Army Drill Sargeant Went from Prison Correction Officer to Transformer of Women’s Lives

Survivors & Thrivers™ is a new column and upcoming podcast that celebrates longevity, resilience, and reinvention. Published in Authority Magazine, the column features stories from professionals who have ridden the economic and life roller coaster and gotten off smiling and begging for another ride. People of all ages can learn a thing or two from their adventures, successes, and transformations.

November 16, 2018
Blog Post
Become an Overnight Weed Wizard: The Cannabis Primer

In addition to writing regularly for Nightclub & Bar Digital ( I have written for cannabis publications.

November 28, 2017
Former Apple CEO John Sculley on How to Beat a Big Gorilla

As part of my column, "Bots & Bodies," I interviewed C-level executives who disrupted industries via technology.

April 25, 2018
Blog Post
The Future of Retail

I often attend conferences and trade shows and report on trends and products. More of these are viewable at

November 3, 2017
Blog Post
Clear the Shelves! How to Demo Like a Pro

This is just one example of a blog offering practical small business tips for a specific industry.

July 21, 2014
Press Release
TransWorld Launches Christmas Show

I am very experienced at writing press releases and media pitches and have helped clients secure major media exposure.

July 2, 2018
Blog Post
Hack Your Vocabulary: The New ABCs Of Business

I have written a variety of content for Huff-Post, mostly business- and career-related.

September 7, 2016
Blog Post
Bisque, Broth, and Booze: The Diet of Champions

My own blog. I cover a wide range--events, trade shows, food, lifestyle, tech, and more. Influencer value = $2 million. Sponsorship and advertising opportunities available.

November 7, 2018
Website Copy

I am the Publisher and Editor of this site.
Blog Post
The Summer I Met My Daughter

This was created for the sponsored content division of Huff-Post and needed to be approved by both the editor and the sponsor.

July 22, 2014
Tastes & Tech: How to Serve Gen Z

I wrote a wide range of articles about training, technology, and trends for the nightclub and bar industry. To see my full portfolio of articles, please visit

December 12, 2017
Is Artificial Intelligence a Feminist Issue?
November 10, 2017
Meet the Man and Machines Attempting to Build the Ultimate Business Marketplace
May 17, 2018
History of Point of Sale Systems

How can you make POS fun and sexy? I came up with this concept for an infographic for a client. Working with the in-house design team, we sourced all images and turned this infographic out in record time.

August 11, 2016
This Sleep Toy May Make You More Productive at Work
December 8, 2017
The Most Innovative Technology Powering the 2018 Super Bowl
January 24, 2018
Website Copy
5 Ways to Boldly Reboot Your Life in the New Year
December 15, 2017
How the Machines Are Making Human Resources More Human
May 11, 2018
Plastic Straws' Days Are Numbered. But You Can Slurp On With These Green Alternatives
June 20, 2018
This Is What the Gym of the Future Will Look Like
January 11, 2018
Why the Greek System Could Be the Next Startup Incubator
May 14, 2018
Tech Execs Give Thumbs-Up to These Life- and Time-Savers
December 21, 2017
If You're Not Doing These 8 Things Every Time You Go to a Conference, Don't Bother Attending
February 8, 2018
3 Product Innovations Debuting at the 2018 Winter Olympics
February 7, 2018
Simple Ways to Boost Your Company's Press Profile
March 15, 2018
7 Things Your Company Can Learn from the Facebook and Twitter Earnings
July 27, 2018
The Future of Car-Buying May Mean You'll Never Go to Another Dealership Again
April 18, 2018
Simplehuman's CEO on Why He Embraced the Idea of Selling a $250 Trashcan
February 14, 2018
The Secret to Finding More Joy This Holiday Season? Get Yourself a Robot
November 22, 2017
Want Your Kids to Be Ready for the Future? Send Them Away This Summer
March 28, 2018
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