Naomi Mannino

"Not the usual fluff!"

Naomi is a freelance personal finance and health journalist and blogger who reports on family finance, health and medical news, and how it will affect you today. Her specialties include credit, debt, banking, saving, spending, consumer behavior and health conditions, treatments and medical research developments. As a breast cancer survivor, Naomi can also write personal or reported stories about going through surgeries and chemotherapy and radiation and living with cancer.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and a minor in Consumer Behavior, Naomi has a deep background as a retail industry reporter and copywriter. Her personal finance work has appeared recently on,, Yahoo Finance,,, and Her health writing has appeared on, Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee, UVA Cancer Center, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine Admissions Blog and (HealthyWoman), among many other specialized money and health websites.

Naomi never writes about it if she hasn't seen it, experienced it, tried it first-hand or interviewed an expert about it!
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