Natali Lekka

Copywriter, Writer

Storyteller by birth, content writer by passion

I am a multilingual travel, food and lifestyle writer based in Newcastle, UK. My work has appeared in Oryx (Qatar Airways), Morning calm (Korean Airlines), Baltic Outlook (Air Baltic), JetAway (Jet2), FHM Germany, Internation Living, Babbel and in a number of other webites. Originally from Athens, Greece, I specialise in Mediterranean destinations and esp. Greece. I love foreign cultures and faraway destinations, I have travelled to over 35 countries and speak French, Italian, Spanish and of course Greek. I am currently studying German.

In the past, I worked as a TV researcher for Channel 4's A Place in the Sun (UK) but nowadays I write articles, feature stories, blog posts, people profiles and case studies about Greece, the UK (travel, food, culture, tourism, lifestyle) for magazines, websites, businesses and brand companies (in English). I also create content for education and language learning companies.

I transcreate and localise your products for the Greek market.
I translate from English into Greek.
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Article, Blog Post, Checklist, Direct Mail, Ebook, Guide
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University of Warwick, MA in Translation Studies
Aston University, PGCert in Forensic Linguistics
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK|English

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Blog Post
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So, did you know you could speak Greek? With over 150,000 words of Greek origin in English, this doesn’t seem like such a crazy idea after all.

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