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You only get old when you slow down

I am a mother to two small children. I am an ER nurse, which provides for a sick sense of humor with an immense amount of passion. My husband works in oil and gas so we are on the move. We work so we can play, and we play hard. When my kid jumps off of the huge rock into the water, I’m snapping a picture, hooting and hollering for more, all while knowing if something breaks I can probably fix it. Or know the doc on call you can. We live for the adventure and push for our kids to have that same thirst. Camping, hiking, exploring, dirt biking, water sports and photography. Trips after trips. All planned out out according to the itinerary put together by me, to maximize the amount of culture one can find in the new fun places we see. One day when we’re old, our kids will have gone to the places we never did, see pictures that I took and be able to say, “that’s my mom and dad”, as we pass them on the hiking trail. You only get old if you slow down
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Colorado Mountain College, and Williston State College , Registered Nurse
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