Nathan Phelps

An inbound marketing storyteller focusing in eCommerce & Entertainment

"Nathan has an excellent copy writing skills. His persuasive writing style was evidence in the successful delivery of my project. Thank you Nathan."

"Great job...will plan to do many more and you're getting even better and better as you learn my quirky preferences. Thanks!"

"I want to give him a bad review and zero stars across the board so nobody else wants to use him and he remains available to work for us...ha ha!"


Hi, I'm Nathan — a digital strategist who loves telling brand stories.

The amount of noise on the internet is just staggering. We're all sick of it, right? You (and your customers) want great content — content that is sharp, informative, and entertaining.

Over the years, I've learned that:

- People want to BELIEVE in a brand.

- Nobody likes fluff.

- Real marketing happens when people connect with your brand emotionally.

- We can foster these moments of belief and understanding through strategical content. Who woulda thought?

***My specialties***

* eCommerce
* Entertainment (music, fashion, video, publications)
* Hubspot/Inbound Marketing
* Content Marketing
* Website copy
* Case Studies
* Sales pages

Marketing strategy and great copywriting go hand in hand, and the best results come from a proper blend of storytelling, context, and timing.

I've worked with Youtube stars, educational institutions, musicians, forklift companies, magazines, consulting businesses, and even fashion stylists on finding what's unique about their brand and translating it to their audiences.

Discovering these emotional connections is my favorite thing to do, and if you've made it this far, that's a good sign! Let's get started!


Nathan Phelps
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