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Data Science, Machine Learning, Cloud and Data Security Engineer/Writer with strong technical knowledge

Professional experience in Analytics, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing and Data Security helps me create well-researched, engaging content, based on years of writing experience and experience in convincing managers and company owners on the choice and benefits of a wide array of technologies. I'm familiar with the AP style and I understand the need for well communicated content.
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Blog Post, Whitepaper, Case Study
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Engineering, Pursuing Masters in Machine Learning & Intelligent Systems

Published Content

Blog Post
Is Android's BroadAnywhere really a threat that an antivirus can protect from? Do Android phones need antiviruses?

The top Google result for the "BroadAnywhere" keyword, this deeply researched post clarified to the world that smartphone antiviruses are neither necessary nor are they likely to protect you from BroadAnywhere.

January 24, 2015
The Android Stagefright vulnerability frightens the actors and the audience!
July 29, 2015
Avoiding memory problems when working with huge amounts of data
February 12, 2017
Getting your head around d3.js [part2]
December 13, 2014
A simplified reference to various license terms
May 1, 2014
Contributing to the open source community
February 5, 2014
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