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20 Rules Bugatti Owners Must Follow To Keep Their Cars

A Bugatti is not a car. It is a technical masterpiece that is capable of traveling at one-third of the speed of sound. Owning a piece of machinery that powerful is a serious responsibility, so Bugatti is equally serious about who they allow to buy one.

June, 6 2019
20 Things About The Upcoming Jeep Pickup That Make No Sense (So Far)

Every now and then, a new car is released that ignites the internet with speculation and anticipation. When spy shots of an unknown Jeep pickup were leaked, most Jeep fans assumed it was just a Wrangler with a bed. But when Jeep announced they were finally building a new pickup named the Gladiator, the whole internet sat up and took notice.

April, 10 2019
Blog Post
Securemax, The Best In Commercial Fencing | ASF

In the world of commercial fencing, there is a wide range of options when it comes to the types you can choose from. While many people simply want attractive, functional fencing to enclose an area, others may want the fence to provide a sufficiently stable barrier that will prevent any individuals from entering said area. These heavier types are known as security fences, and one of the most effective, hardy, and reliable of all security fences is the Securemax. This fence is specially designed to be one of the most impenetrable, unclimbable, and all around hard working security fences on the market. To view our Securemax Fence

December, 24 2016
Blog Post
History of Hawaii Kona Coffee

The story of Hawaii’s most famous export begins way back in 1828. An American Missionary named Reverend Samuel Ruggles planted the very first coffee tree in Kona as an ornamental plant, originally taken from a tree in nearby Oahu. These coffee trees were grown by none other than the Governor of Oahu who had carried them back from a trip to Brazil. Hawaii was no stranger to coffee by this time, but this was the beginning of the blend we know as Kona Typica – coffee Arabica.

December, 22 2016
Blog Post
What's in an Archery Shop?

Our world is a different place to what it was 50 years ago. Today, life is lived at a much faster pace. People are losing their connection to wild places and wilder animals. Folks are forgetting that nature just isn’t a place to visit, it is home. There is nothing on earth that is equal to the feeling of your release arm flying backward, your bow arm shooting forward, and seeing your arrow pierce your target. Archery is a not only a challenge and a skill, but it’s also a real human instinct that anyone can have a go at.

November, 21 2016
Blog Post
Community Nurses And How They Can Help

The importance of community aged care services and residential care facilities cannot be underestimated in our society. With each passing decade, we are living longer and looking to be as active as possible into our old age. As a community, it is incumbent upon us to look after our elderly and ensure that they receive the best care possible.

February, 28 2017
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